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Somewhere Over The Rainbow Podcast

Jul 23, 2017

Dana and Vincent are back from their respective mini vacations discussing rich life fantasies, churros (again), Bears (of the non-Winnie the Pooh varietal) and finally introducing the Madonna-alysis segment that everyone wants to hear (right?) where they do a deep dive into Madonna videos that have left them...

Jul 10, 2017

Before taking some time for a mini vacay, Dana and Vincent discuss Dana's upcoming birthday, review the films "Whitney: Can I Be Me" and "The Big Sick" and introduce a new segment "Underrated" where they dive in to some of their favorite works from film, TV and music that may not have received the praise they so...

Jul 4, 2017

Just in time for your Fourth of July festivities, Dana and Vincent are back this week discussing mimis, exposing Brits to the wonders of Baskin Robbins, Vincent's obsession with churros and anal botox (yep, that's a thing). Dana also shares a very special NSFW story, so get ready to clutch your pearls!